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Context of creation of the foundation

Arthur Gérold D'EMBIID


On October 16, 2014, Christine, Thomas, Joel, and Laurence Embiid were experiencing the twilight of Arthur Gerold's life of EMBIID .

Arthur Gerold was a 13 year old boy, full of life, charming, kind and very endearing to all. He suddenly lost his life that day and with him twenty victims including his own comrades. Party from the family home smiling in the morning, his poor parents made the macabre discovery of his body in a hospital around 8 pm, after a few hours of research in hospitals of the one who was quick to find the house after school.

In the city it is great consternation, families are inconsolable. The slaughter hit again. So, in the media, and moreover, the phenomenon is recurrence, a silent killer haunts Cameroon, he does not talk about him as AIDS or whatever, and yet it is the leading cause of death right now. The shock caused by the crazy truck that took the life to more than twenty young people among whom Arthur EMBIID . The consternation caused by this killing was as great as the EMBIID, inconsolable think that something must be done to say never again!

It is necessary to create an interactive dynamic that can make a real counterweight to accidentology in Cameroon. It is right to leading actions across the country to change user behavior in order to significantly reduce progressively the accident rate of the road.

Arthur was an angel and his behavior was able to engrave the values in the hearts of all who knew him. Like his father, his uncle and older brother, Arthur loved sports in general.

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Speacial Area of Attention

It is a state of mind shared by all to think of the poor. This is at this effect while maintaining its main goals on youth in general, Arthur Embiid and Angels Foundation pays particular attention to orphanages and social centers to help those who feel forgotten and abandoned.

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In Memory Of...

Arthur Gérold D'EMBIID

« Those we have loved never really leave us. They live always in our hearts, and cast their radiant light on all our shadows.»
Sylvana Rossetti

To bring out a smile is the most beautiful thing in this world.

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La fondation Arthur Embiid & Angels créée par la famille Embiid, est une institution qui contribue à l'effort caritatif et philanthropique au Cameroun et dans la région.

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